3 Best Exotic Cars For Your Trip

By | January 20, 2019

When you are headed somewhere either for business issues or just pleasure, you will need a luxury or exotic rental car that will turn your trip to be of a more thrilling experience. There are so many renting sites for exotic car rental out there offering different types of luxury cars out there so that you can drive around in fashion.

Here in are the best exotic cars you need to consider for your trip.

2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus


People normally do expect specific demands to be placed out in exchange for their skills and experience in this world of exotic cars. All myths at the time Audi brought all-wheel-drive R8 in the market were dispelled off. Actually, it just feels like any other car when driving it. This exotic car is, in fact, remarkable in how it feels unremarkable until you arrive at a place where you turn it loose and then leave Audi’s R8 to fly. The amazing grip and accurate steering of this mid-engine luxury car will make a unique U-turn from other cars in the market can make. This is a powerful car that you need to place consideration when you need to go out for a vacation.

2016 BMW i8

This is another model that chipped into the automobile industry with unique features that will make your drive remain such a comfortable one than what you had before experienced from other models in the market. Its ultra-high performance feature is the main reason we need to try to avoid this big machine from the list of exotic cars you will be considering for your trip. The system outputs a torque and horsepower of 420 ft-lbs and 357 respectively. Why hesitate, consider it today for your trip.

2017 Bugatti Chiron

For Bugatti, Chiron is the name we can say talk of the town at the moment. This is the brand successor of the last Veyron Super Sport. It is actually among the fastest produced brands in the automobile industry all over the world with its top speed that has been limited for safety reasons to 261 miles per hour even though its 8.0-liter quad-W12 engine and 1479 horsepower can certainly almost move faster.

These are some of the best exotic cars you need to consider for your trip. Get the experience today. Make it to an exotic car rental site to make a choice today for you. Don’t hesitate, do it for you today.