Best Pet-friendly places in San Diego

By | September 10, 2018

It requires a deep research about the destination when you are planning to travel with your most faithful friend that is with your pet. You need to be sure whether it is a pet-friendly place or not. San Diego is a place where you can roam around with your lovely pet with a car rental. It is the most pet-friendly traveling destination. Here you will come across a number of fun activities, especially for your pet.

Fiesta Island

Fiesta Island is a large sandy area located in the Mission Bay. Here you can enjoy the long walks with your pet and can play around in such a huge area with the sand dunes as well. Dogs love to play around sand. Along with this, dogs can take a dip in the calm beach to get relax. The crowd at this place is decent and friendly. You can do lots of activities, either walk or run or play or swim, the choice is yours. Don’t forget to take water along with you while heading towards the island.

Seaport Village

Seaport located on the harbor side offers you the space for dining, shopping and lots of entertaining activities. It is a pet-friendly place and here you will find a park where you can have all the fun with your pet. Most of the restaurants allow your pet to be on the patio during dining. You can get a caricature for your dog from this place.

Original Paw Pleasers Dog Bakery

This is considered to be the first dog’s bakery in San Diego. Don’t forget the pets’ loves to eat as much as we do. It is the best place to celebrate the special occasion of your pet. They will help in baking the best cake for your pet and try to make the day special for you and your pet. Here you will find many varieties of cakes exclusively for your pet. Indeed this is the best place to visit with your pet as it is exclusively meant for them.

Aqua Adventures Kayak & Paddleboards

This is a fun activity which you can do along with your pet at this pet-friendly place. Your pet will enjoy being on the paddleboard. Aqua Adventures is located on the Mission Bay. This water ride is safe for the pets with all the safety measures taken by the Aqua adventures.

Doyle Community Park

It is a beautiful park with plenty of space and greenery. This park has a dog area where dogs can play, walk around. It is less crowded, gives more space and lets you and your pet enjoy more.

Some of the wineries are also welcoming pets likewise Eagles Nest winery. Generally, it is a thirty-minute drive with San Diego car rental. It allows your pet inside the winery and this is the place filled with the natural beauty around it. San Diego is a perfect place to eat, walk, run, swim, play, shop, and many more activities to go along with your pets.