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3 Best Exotic Cars For Your Trip

When you are headed somewhere either for business issues or just pleasure, you will need a luxury or exotic rental car that will turn your trip to be of a more thrilling experience. There are so many renting sites for exotic car rental out there offering different types of luxury cars out there so that you can drive around in fashion.

Here in are the best exotic cars you need to consider for your trip.

2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus


People normally do expect specific demands to be placed out in exchange for their skills and experience in this world of exotic cars. All myths at the time Audi brought all-wheel-drive R8 in the market were dispelled off. Actually, it just feels like any other car when driving it. This exotic car is, in fact, remarkable in how it feels unremarkable until you arrive at a place where you turn it loose and then leave Audi’s R8 to fly. The amazing grip and accurate steering of this mid-engine luxury car will make a unique U-turn from other cars in the market can make. This is a powerful car that you need to place consideration when you need to go out for a vacation.

2016 BMW i8

This is another model that chipped into the automobile industry with unique features that will make your drive remain such a comfortable one than what you had before experienced from other models in the market. Its ultra-high performance feature is the main reason we need to try to avoid this big machine from the list of exotic cars you will be considering for your trip. The system outputs a torque and horsepower of 420 ft-lbs and 357 respectively. Why hesitate, consider it today for your trip.

2017 Bugatti Chiron

For Bugatti, Chiron is the name we can say talk of the town at the moment. This is the brand successor of the last Veyron Super Sport. It is actually among the fastest produced brands in the automobile industry all over the world with its top speed that has been limited for safety reasons to 261 miles per hour even though its 8.0-liter quad-W12 engine and 1479 horsepower can certainly almost move faster.

These are some of the best exotic cars you need to consider for your trip. Get the experience today. Make it to an exotic car rental site to make a choice today for you. Don’t hesitate, do it for you today.

The most outstanding convertibles of 2019

When it comes to vehicles, convertibles are considered the ultimate expression of freedom and today car manufacturers have presented convertible vehicles increasingly comfortable and fast, have strived in increasing safety, technology and power. All these ideas of the manufacturers make these
vehicles more desirable, and this, the lovers of the vehicles of promenade appreciate.

But they are usually expensive and not very practical vehicles when it comes to a family trip or work, but there is the option of renting 24 hours and if it’s a treat, you have to consider it.

Carrying out a review to the manufacturers of vehicles of this style that has greater prestige we have determined (without any specific order) that in our opinion they are the most outstanding.

When there are sunny days, it is never a bad time to enjoy the wind in your face, the cars listed below are our selection of the best convertibles for vehicle rides.

Most outstanding convertible vehicles for 2019:

· Nissan 370Z Convertible.

· Fiat 124 Spider.

· Audi A3 Cabriolet.

· BMW 4 series.

· Chevrolet Corvette

· VW Beetle Cabriolet.

Characteristics and details of the selected ones.

As is to be expected, we must make a brief analysis of each vehicle that gives you an idea of why those were selected, taking into account that the selection was made between the most and least expensive.

This is because we believe that anyone who likes this idea of driving in a convertible vehicle can have options according to their possibilities.

Nissan 370Z Convertible:

Even though it’s an old-fashioned style, you have to take into account that you will not find a 2-seat, high-powered sports car for little money. If you like the old school driving experience this car is for you, as the driver feels and listens to the tires and when the engine asks to change the speed and when you brake, you will know what the correct pressure is and a mountain trip will be a true walk Excellent weight ratio between axles and a V6 engine. Front suspension of double fork that allows you to take curves easily, comfortable seats and enough trunk.

Fiat 124 Spider Convertible:

This vehicle shares a platform with the Japanese Mazda MX-5, but adds a good dose of Italian design and power. Instead of the Mazda engine using a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine (160 horsepower), the cab is filled with high-quality materials. The 2019 model will have a rear camera with a 7 “touch screen If you like a small convertible, fun and at an affordable price, this is your vehicle.

Audi A3 Cabriolet:

This vehicle comes from its first appearance in 2008 has had many technological changes in appearance. And being gasoline is one of the least consumption in
its style. Its technical characteristics do not lead to summarize them in: Elegance, differentiation, dynamism and savings, we use the 1.6 TDI of 105 HP with
5-speed manual box and there is also the 1.9 diesel version with the same 105 HP and 2.0 variants of 140 or 160 HP, there are also variants in the gasoline
version. Its canvas hood goes from fully automatic semiautomatic and takes 13 seconds.

BMW 4 series:

This series 4 of BMW, by our concept, is at the midpoint of the cost and would be a very good option for its price / satisfaction ratio. It is a convertible with an attractive 4-door backrest (called Gran Coupe), with a retractable hardtop and a seductive 2-door coupe. The Series 4 has more body styles and standard equipment, plus a more powerful engine. Manual transmission option. It has a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that makes it almost as powerful as a V6 engine
with 248 HP. Its rigid retractable roof in the trunk allows greater security.

Chevrolet Corvette:

The Corvette 2019 improves performance again and expands to 4 models in coupe and convertible form, and although it is of high cost vehicles, it has its
reason. Sports car with 755 HP, light, comfortable, safe and with a lot of technology both in the engine and in its finish. Even though it is in its seventh generation, all its characteristics place it in more than another sports vehicle.

VW Beetle Cabriolet:

This Volkswagen Beetle convertible is a vehicle that you can love or hate on this list, but it is an option that cannot be left out for many reasons.
Turbocharged power with automatic transmission of 6 speeds that you can change to manual changes by the TipTronic® mode or you can choose the sport modality
for more fun. 1.0 Liter and 174 HP engine with direct injection. High-tech board, with App-Connect connects your smartphone and watch as your selected
applications appear on the touch screen of your Volkswagen.


From the list above, you have all the best possibilities, several vehicles to select your favorite convertible, but remember that if you do not want to buy a sports car, but if you try their fun features, there is a 24-hour rental option. And the most we can tell you is disguised by the experience of a convertible sports car.