Excellent cars for your trip

By | January 4, 2019

In the modern world, autotourism is becoming a common phenomenon. It’s great – to race along a smooth highway at high speed, admiring the passing landscapes. And in order to travel comfortably, it is important which vehicle you choose to travel. If the car is cramped salon, then sit for several days is quite problematic. I don’t want to constantly repair and replace something on the way. Hire modern cars at budget car rental San Diego to suit your road trip.

Toyota Prius

A good car for long trips on a good road surface.

The mid-size car has a main feature – a hybrid engine. The electric motor of this car also performs the work of the generator, so the car is economical, fuel consumption is not higher than 5-6 liters. The streamlined body adorns the car. A person with a height of 1.8 m will sit comfortably in the back seat, the driver also has an excellent overview. A large trunk holds enough stuff – 445 liters. In addition, the technical characteristics of the height. For example, improved aerodynamics. Of course, you do not drive much on the road, but such cars for tourism and long trips are very good.

Subaru Outback

It provides every little thing

Universal car Subaru Outback popular with Europeans. Of course, it is not cheap, but the car has excellent characteristics. The car is not only a roomy trunk, you can also fix a bicycle on the roof or, say, a kayak. All-wheel drive car, fuel consumption – about 7 liters. Excellent visibility from the driver, power seats, self-leveling rear suspension – undoubted advantages of this model, as well as heated wipers and high ceiling.

Ford Grand C-MAX

Beautiful seven-seater car for travel, one of the best on the market. It is easy for a family of 5 to travel. The trunk is just huge, there is a parking assistance system. A diesel car is quite economical. As a comfort additions can be called a navigator, rear view camera, panoramic roof, heated windshield.

Volkswagen Multivan California

Good minivan for long trips

Good demand is usually used minivans. In this case, a wonderful family car is a roomy Volkswagen Multivan California minibus equipped with sleeping places, side tables, lockers for clothes, a small stove and a gas bottle compartment. There is also a water tank, a 220 V outlet. There is a washstand and a refrigerator next to the double stove. The front seats turn to the table, you can comfortably have breakfast in 4-5 people. The rear seat with the help of the guides can be expanded by converting it into a single bed. Under the rear seats is a roomy retractable compartment with fixtures. In the side door there is a small table hidden, which can be carried outside, and in the back door there are two armchairs.

Volkswagen Touran

The combination of compactness and spaciousness

Another model of Volkswagen, different spaciousness. If you fold the rear seats, get a huge trunk. The car is comfortable and safe. It is a popular compact van in the world .

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